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"The class was a lot of fun.  You were both very patient and helpful with all of us!"  Diana S.

"We had a great time!  Such fun for the a group outing!"  Jennifer F.

"Lots of fun!"  Ellen H.

"This was pretty fun.  Thanks for keeping it light."  Kim C.

"Fun and relaxing.  Awesome girl's night out!"  Teresa B.

"I had a good time!  Thank you!"  Jessica F.

"Having no artistic abilities, these ladies really helped me create a pretty glass.  Had a lot of fun!"  Geri S.


"Very enjoyable evening filled with laughter and sweet fellowship.  A miracle happened ~ I actually can paint!  Wouldn't change a thing!"  GJ

"Loved the class.  Was so relaxing & lots of laughter and fun."  Rhonda H.

"Awesome!  These ladies are wonderful, fun and very knowledgable.  Very inspiring!  Thank you!"  Elizabeth T.


"What a FUN night!  Beth and Rhonda are simply amazing.  Definitely great for a girl's night. XOXO"  Tina R.

"We had a wonderful time!  We had tons of laugh and fun making lifetime memories!  Thank you for the experience.  We will be doing this again!"  Katy S.

"Awesome experience!  Tons of fun and lots of laugh."  Ashley B.

"This has been an amazing experience.  We will be having more parties with you ladies.  Thank you for explaining step by step and making it so much fun."  Britney R.

"Such a fun activity! Thank you for the encouragement."  Cheri C.

"I just loved all of it! Thank you for making my birthday party memorable!!" Kelly C.


"Such a fun and exciting way to get you into the holiday spirit."  Kristin N.

"Had a fantastic time!  Not really an artist but with the help of Rhonda and Beth, they helped me make two cute glasses I could be proud of."  Meredith M.

"So much fun!"  Ann H.

"Fun Experience!!"  Barbara C.

"This was so much fun!  Great time enjoyed by all."  Danille B.

"I loved how we did the body on the front and the tail on the back."  Bradlee B.

"Awesome - Amazing - Wonderful - Super Cool Time - Let's do it again!!!"  Michelle W.

"Amazing class.  Loved it!!!"  Natasha K.

"So much fun.  Thank you ladies for a wonderful evening."  Kristen B.


"Really fun!  Thank you!"

"Was a blast!  Beth and Rhonda rock!"

"Loved it!  I enjoyed the size of class not too small, not too large!  Thanks for working with me on a date! Perfect."  Mindy E,

"So fun!  Your instructions were great.  Would love to also do ornament on a glass."


"So fun!  Thanks so much."  Patsy W.

"Wonderful class - Lots of fun!"  Anne G.

"Fantastic time together.  Beth and Rhonda are awesome teachers and so encouraging.  Look forward to another class."  Debbie B.

"Such a fun class.  Beth and Rhonda are great!"  P. Ivie

​"This was great fun for people who don't know how to be artistic!"  Vickie G.

"Great workshop even though I have NO arttstic ability.  Tuned out Great."  Syl D.



"Great class!  Very patient instructors and awesome time! Thank you Rhonda and Beth."  Mindy

"Super fun!  This class was a neat break from the traditional painting event."  Ellen S.

"Lots of fun! Great patience and instructions.  Had fun with ladies!"  Holily D.

"So much fun! Great teachers!"  Wendy W.

"Great job, very enjoyable.  Thank you for all your help & expertise."  Melissa J.



"Amazing!! Beth and Rhonda were so fun, so patient and so encouraging.  Anyone can create a masterpiece with them.  Thank you for a great night." Teri M.

"What a wonderful and fun evening!  Rhonda and Beth turned me into an artist!"  Sara M.

"So much fun! They made the class really easy and entertaining!"  Emilie M.



"This is my second class. It was a great experience.  Beth and Rhonda are patient and encouraging teachers.  Anyone can do these classes.  I am not an artist, but I am so pleased with the final product.  Excellent Instruction."  Pam H.

"Loved it!"  A. Sharp

"Great fun and fellowship while trying to be artistic.  Instructors were encouraging and patient."  Susan B.

"Loved it all.  You ladies were so much fun."  Diane S.

"Loved this class. Super easy to create this art.  Ladies are awesome and super fun.  Loved the lingo (Nip Talk).  Loved everything about the class. Thanks for a great time."  Lindsey B.

"The classy glass girls were great teachers and made it fun and classy!"  Leslie B.

"What a great night of relaxation and fun.  I so looked forward to this night all week and was not disappointed.  I cannot wait to tell more of my friends all about this class.  Thank you ladies for a wonderful time."  Debbie B.



"I enjoyed the class and would return again.  Loved meeting new people."  Leslie M.

"What a fun filled night!  You both made it so enjoyable.  I encourage everyone to sign up for a class. Thank you so much!"  Floy B.

"Thank you for a great time.  I am not good at painting so I loved the simple polka dot theme."  Tiffany B.

6/23/15 "All American" 

"Tons of fun!  Loved the fellowship and seeing other friends I haven't seen in a while." Lynda B.

"Fun!  Teachers were great."  Glynnis M.

 "My first art class.  I had the best time and learned that I can paint.  The instructors were wonderful. I hope to attend more classes in the future."  Jan B.

"This was a blast!  Thank you so much for a wonderful night!  I will be back for sure!"   Bekah A.

"So much fun!  I feel like an artist and I'm not! Thank you for giving me lessons.  I am proud of my work and y'all made it happen.  Can't wait to use my 'treasure'".  Lezlie R.

"Thank you for a wonderful time!  Beth and Rhonda are wonderful teachers even for those who have no artistic ability.  The party was well organized.  Great idea for a fun party with friends!"  Holly K.

"Awesome!  Loved every minute!  Fun! Fun! Fun!"  Pat L.

"What fun!  I thoroughly enjoyed the class.  Beth and Rhonda are such patient and encouraging teachers.  You need to do this!  You will leave with a work of art you can be proud of."  Pam H.

"You two are SUPER!!  Thank you for your patient teaching and encouragement."  Phyllis H.

6/14/15 Small group "Palm Tree"

"What a wonderful and fun experience! Beth makes creating a masterpiece easy. Rhonda is very helpful and encouraging. Everyone should take a class with a group of friends."  Sonya J.

"Super fun class. I was actually able to make my glass look good and I am terrible at art."  Brenna G.

"You don't need any artistic skills.  Anyone can do this and in the end your glass looks like you are an artist!" Angela G.

"So much fun! Easier than I thought it would be."  Cindy B.

"So much fun! Loved it!" Vonda M.

"Great simplistic teaching. Lots of laughter and bonding. Low stress." Marcy B.